Insurance & Bonds

Customs Bonds (Surety Bonds) are required by CBP to guarantee duty payments and any other government-enforced fees, charges or fines associated with the importation of goods. Without a properly executed bond, your shipment will not clear U.S. Customs.

Types of Customs Bonds:

Single Transaction Bond or Single Entry Bond (or SEB), for one transaction at one port of entry.

Continuous Bond, for all entries at all U.S. ports. Continuous Bonds start at $50,000.00 and are based on 10% of the estimated yearly duties. Continuous Bonds are written on an annual basis.

Marine Cargo Insurance

A.J.Arango works closely with Roanoke Trade Services to arrange coverage tailored to meet your individual cargo insurance needs.

Whether you require insurance on a shipment by shipment basis or have large enough volumes to warrant an annual policy. A.J.Arango is able to provide the most competitive rates to handle your cargo insurance needs.

Cargo Insurance is available for both import and export shipping needs.