Import Services

A.J.Arango has a diversified client base and is experienced in all types of products from all countries. With this diversification of import clients, A.J.Arango stays current with the ever-changing government programs.

It also gives A.J.Arango a depth of experience in dealing with all government agencies, such as the Food & Drug Administration, Fish & Wildlife, EPA, DOT, USDA and the Department of Commerce.

Remote Location Filing (RLF)

RLF allows A.J.Arango to clear freight at all ports of entry in the USA. This provides Importer a higher level of Customs Compliance simplifies record keeping, reduces communication by dealing with one Customs Broker.

Bonded Entries, Foreign Trade Zones

A.J.Arango deals with all types of Customs Bonded Warehouses and Foreign Trade Zones. Bonded entries allow importers to take advantage of the most preferential duty rates or allows for duty free importation and manipulation of goods that will eventually be exported.

Bonded Cargo Movements, Transportation Solution

A.J.Arango can arrange for delivery of your cargo to all destination whether containerized or loose freight. Whether your transportation needs require Customs Bonded movements, Refrigerated Carrier, Air Ride equipment for sensitive cargo, A.J.Arango uses an experienced network of transportation Specialists to service your individual needs.

Import Air and Ocean Services

With a network of specialized agents around the globe, A.J.Arango can arrange pickup, delivery, and shipping of all types of freight. Whether you require air freight, full container loads or less than container loads our agents can provide cost effective shipping from most countries.